Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Hahn Family December 2010

The slowly, but ever expanding Hahn Family.
This year we welcome Titan.

Back Row: Malarie, Wanda-Jean, Jeff, Archie, Jason
Middle Row: Titan, Shantay, Kaylin
Front: Zaylie

Notice the earings?
Shantay, Malarie, Wanda-Jean, Kaylin

Shantay and Archie Ames Family
(Titan & Zaylie)


Grandkids - it make having kids worth while

It's a sad day for Kaylin, her little (younger) sister Malarie, is now taller.

Archie Titan Ames

Blessing Day

Archie, Titan, Shantay, Zaylie

Zaylie loves her Kitty costume

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